Episode 75-Live at the Windup Space Part 2

This is the second part of the live show we did featuring music by Asa and Quinton, and Tool Shed, followed by comedian Shawn Leverett, Zach from Charm City Fringe Festival, Jason Sage from Fire House Arts and Music, comedians Bunny Themelis and Leelend Clayton, Brian from Psymposia, Shodekeh, and Ian from Telesma. 

Episode 75- Live at the Windup Space Part 1

Former Baltimore Police Sgt. Michael A Wood Jr (@michaelawoodjr) talks to us about policing, his experiences, and answers questions from the audience. Part 1 also features comedian Matt Brown (@igotjokescuh). 

Episode 73-Benjamin Broedel

Show updates and new changes to the podcast, plus a conversation with stand up comedian Benjamin Broedel about our gigs at the beach. Follow Ben @benjaminbroedel

Episode 72- Brother Rob

Opens with Archie's set at Baltimore Comedy Factory, show updates, then a bit of arguing with his brother who is back from Europe travel. 

Episode 71- Phoner Ep. #2

Archie talks to Mike Franklin (2:07), Mike Margolies from Psymposia Magazine (11:28), Steve Colmus from J. Roddy Walston and the Business (41:57) and Bio Chem extraordinaire Dr. Lee Widger (1:02:35). 

Episode 69- Michael Furr

Michael Furr (@michaelfurr) is a standup comedian and improv actor, He talks about his life, how he grew up, and his current projects. Enjoy!

Episode 68- Tom Swiss

Tom Swiss is an author, poet, martial artist, shiatsu therapist, musician, and teacher. His book, 'Why Buddha Touched the Earth' is available on Amazon or www.infamous.net ; follow him @tom_swiss 

Episode 65- Todd Oppenheim

Todd Oppenheim is running for Judge in the Baltimore City Circuit Court. He wants to reform the bail system, stop police misconduct, and end the drug war. Follow him @Oppenheim4judge and go to toforjudge.com for all information.

Episode 63- Samantha Kelly

Samantha Kelly is a stand up comedian and we talk about growing up nerdy, horrific high school memories, and living life in the present moment. Check out Samantha in Tasteless Buds at www.funnyordie.com/tastelessbuds , and follow her on @samandthekelly 

Episode 61- Collin Baker

Collin Baker is a stand-up comedian and joins us to talk about fishing, bar comedy, baseball, marijuana, and many other things. Follow him @collinbaker 

Episode 60- JC Faulk

JC Faulk is the founder of An End to Ignorance (www.anendtoignorance.com) and Circles of Voices. He also appears on the Australian ABC's documentary, 'Black Lives Matter' . The link is here---.(http://www.abc.net.au/foreign/content/2015/s4367710.htm). We talk about America's obsession with race, his upcoming book, and a new era of activism. Enjoy.

Episode 59- Councilman Brandon M. Scott

Brandon M. Scott was sworn in as Baltimore City Councilman for the 2nd District in 2011, being the youngest to do so at age 27. We talk about liquor stores, policing methods, the Mayoral Race, the prison systems, city farming, building Rec Centers, marijuana legalization, warrants, 300 Men March, health and fitness, and a lot more. Follow him @CouncilmanBMS

Episode 58- Science with Cody and Maggie Pt. 2

We talk to researchers in Plant Pathology and Virology about GMOs, disease, bees, Tardygrades, cancer, DNA, orchids, extinction, and many other topics. We just didn't use their last names! Please enjoy and learn you some Sciences.